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Spring PIN(spiration) – walks us through Deer in the Forest by Marc Franz, a dynamic composition in geometry along with a vibrant palette !
And as my eye wanders through this riot of colors and clash of orthogonal and curvilinear forms, trying to decipher where the animals emerge and merge with the landscape, I am feeling so lost! What is the subject – the animals or the landscape ? Which color should I pick to dominate my design, and which ones should play a supporting role?

So here are a few starters to walk you through the spring woodland, and spike your mental color wheel…..
Go rustic with…  
Shubuichi Woodland Deer Pendant – handmade by Cynthia Thornton
Enjoy a dash of colors with… 
Enamel Lampwork Glass Bead Set – handmade by Mona Sullivan
Add a touch of whimsy with…
Patinated Bronze Clay Owl Pendant – handmade by Lesley Watt
Explore textures with…
Stamp Textured & Fired Copper Leaf pair – handmade by Kristi Bowman
Design around tribal motifs with…  
Yellow and Green Flared Hollow Polymer Clay Tubes – handmade by Claire Maunsell
Go monochromatic with….
Torch Fired Copper Enamel Beads in Shades of Purple – handmade by Jill Eden
Or surprise yourself with a ABS inspired polymer clay and metal focal by Erin-Prais Hintz

And if you are GAME for some serious COLOR CHALLENGE………

Here is a fun opportunity from my local bead store:
Get your jewelry design curated in one of their 3 stores, voted to be a winner, or published in their upcoming book. And it only gets better – they are accepting entries by mail !
Meanwhile, stay PINNED to MARCH Art Bead Scene Blog PINTEREST BOARD


Note: While images above are representative of the art beads,
components and each artist’s language of expression, a lot of them do
take custom orders.

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