Still Life with Fruits and Flowers

For DEC ABS I made a necklace with art beads by Petrovna Lampwork. Even though I was captivated by the color contrasts in the painting, I chose to showcase the bright colors. Here is my blog post

  • Beauty in chaos

    order precedes chaos and chaos precedes order and beauty lies somewhere in between. My art bead is inspired from the rich drapery and the chaos with in it. The bead is…

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  • Swirly Dream

    chaos precedes order and order precedes chaos and the beauty lies somewhere in between. These Earring are inspired by the chaos and the beauty of them. The bead is of twisted…

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  • Deborah Schlegel December Challenge

    I decided to focus on the tulips in this month’s inspiration artwork – even though winter’s just begun, I’m already looking forward to spring and my garden full of tulips! I…

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  • December still life

    I was intrigued by the fruit bowl and the bluish gray marks or shadows on the right side….so I chose a lampwork bead by my husband Moon, that I felt gave…

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  • Dec ABS Red Rose Art Necklace

    I used a lampwork bead with deep red, olive green and navy blue in it. I added a handmade green head pin and a brass bead cap to it. I used…

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  • Poppy Fields

    I couldn’t resist this Golem Design Studio pendant in red in green for this month’s challenge. I used lots of Czech glass and some pewter beads to round out the design.…

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  • Gilded Leaves

    Polymer clay charms by Humblebeads with Czech glass, plated hematite, and brass. See my blog post and other designs on my blog:…

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  • Holly and the Ivy

    My necklace for December features a polymer clay bird from Humblebeads, metal enameled leaf from Anne Gardanne, and is rounded out with copper pinecone, spacers, and Czech glass. Blog post is…

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