Under the Sea

I finally had the perfect reason to use these coral patterned stick charms from Humblebeads! See more on my blog:

  • July Project Two

    The turquoise glass Starfish is one of two beads I found at The donut glass bead is from Sally Sutherland, and the acrylic Trixies components are from MyElements by Yvonne.…

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  • Coral Tendrils

    Mismatched charms by Ana Bronze and sari silk cocoons by Saga Hus. See more on my blog:…

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  • July Project One

    The pink glass focal is one of two beautiful sea urchin beads from There is a Green Girl Studios mermaid pendant, an Andrew Thornton disk bead, a forgotten artist barnacle…

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  • Coral Cuties

    Polymer clay stick charms by Humblebeads with some fun mottled turquoise and gold flecked coins along with star cut peach moonstone beads. See more on my blog:…

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  • Anita

    My Polymer Clay beads are made using the Sutton Slice technique. For this earring pair, I represented the idea of simple things aggregating into elaborate designs, and embellished the beads using…

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  • Bronze Tendrils

    Coral-like bronze charms by Anna Bronze paired with sari silk cocoons by Saga Hus. See more on my blog:…

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  • Inspired Art Deco Earrings

    Earrings from my polymer clay focal beads using filigree motif stamps. Inspired by Haeckel’s incredibly stylized representations of animals. Inspired Art Deco Earrings…

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  • ABS bead Challenge

    Polymer clay focal by Katherine Thompson- Barn Burd Designs. I was intrigued by the organic and structured design of the objects in the painting. I ended up with an organic pattern…

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  • Blue Jean Baby

    July ABS earrings feature clay mosaic charms by SummerWind and sunset dumortierite rounds. No added a bit of brown ink to let the mosaic pattern stand out a bit more. The…

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