July Project Two

The turquoise glass Starfish is one of two beads I found at The donut glass bead is from Sally Sutherland, and the acrylic Trixies components are from MyElements by Yvonne. To complete the sea theme, some dyed bamboo coral by Mother Nature.

  • Under the Sea

    I finally had the perfect reason to use these coral patterned stick charms from Humblebeads! See more on my blog:…

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  • Coral Tendrils

    Mismatched charms by Ana Bronze and sari silk cocoons by Saga Hus. See more on my blog:…

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  • Anita

    My Polymer Clay beads are made using the Sutton Slice technique. For this earring pair, I represented the idea of simple things aggregating into elaborate designs, and embellished the beads using…

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  • Coral Cuties

    Polymer clay stick charms by Humblebeads with some fun mottled turquoise and gold flecked coins along with star cut peach moonstone beads. See more on my blog:…

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  • July Project One

    The pink glass focal is one of two beautiful sea urchin beads from There is a Green Girl Studios mermaid pendant, an Andrew Thornton disk bead, a forgotten artist barnacle…

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  • Inspired Art Deco Earrings

    Earrings from my polymer clay focal beads using filigree motif stamps. Inspired by Haeckel’s incredibly stylized representations of animals. Inspired Art Deco Earrings…

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  • Bronze Tendrils

    Coral-like bronze charms by Anna Bronze paired with sari silk cocoons by Saga Hus. See more on my blog:…

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  • Blue Jean Baby

    July ABS earrings feature clay mosaic charms by SummerWind and sunset dumortierite rounds. No added a bit of brown ink to let the mosaic pattern stand out a bit more. The…

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  • July 2018 Jewelry Challenge

    I went ahead and made this necklace using a focal that came from a group of polymer clay beads. I used ceramic beads from a South African artist from Etsy Bellaceramics.…

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