Bead Shop Interview: Ambrosia Beads

What is your business name, website and location? *Ambrosia Bead Company5607 Tieton Drive Suite 104Yakima, WA 98908(509) 972-3750www.ambrosiabeadcompany.com

www.AmbrosiaBeadCompany.etsy.com Is there anything unique about where your located?*We are now located in a new building with a store front facing a major road. The natural lighting here is superb – we love it!What kind of handmade art beads does your store sell? What types of materials do your customers prefer?*We have handmade lampwork beads, ceramic beads, Polymer Clay, PMC beads and Sterling silver beads and charms. All made by artists in the USA!*Sterling is always a favorite here and now I’d have to say ceramics is becoming very popular.How do you stay current with the trends in the bead business? *I’ve traveled to take classes in the lastest trends – I’ve also taken classes at the local college to learn new techniques. Catalogs and TV shows are also good ways to watch for new trends.What are some of the important things you do for your business?*We try to focus on customer service here – that’s what sets us apart from other bead stores and the craft stores. We also have a beading club that meets once a month to work on projects and socialize. (And eat good food of course!)What role does education play in your business? Do you offer classes or tutorials?*Education plays a huge part in our store. We offer tons of classes on weekends and mid-week. We bring in outside instructors if it’s a technique we don’t know how to do ourselves.
What kinds of art beads do you look for? Is there a bead you wish an artist would make for your store?*The art beads that have been popular here so far are lampwork beads, ceramic beads and Sterling creations. What plans do you have for the future?*Keep up on the newest latest trends. Come up with fun ideas to keep bringing in the customers during these tough economic times. We still think beading is great for relieving stress!What new bead trends are you excited about?We are getting the most excited right now with Ceramic Beads and Recycled Jewelry (Steampunk Jewelry). There is so much you can do with both of those!

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