Bead Table Wednesday – Vintaj Patina Paints and Stencils

Today on Bead Table Wednesday I shared how to create painterly pendants using stencils and Vintaj patinas on brass blanks.
You can watch the video here:
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Vintaj Patina colors used today: chalcedony, coral, green opal, white gold, rose gold

The Painter’s Garden Pendant 

34mm hand-painted brass pendant 
Painted leaf pendant
13-15mm polymer clay disk
flower bead cap
4 Czech glass leaf and flower beads
English cut glass bead
Brass flower bead cap
2 4mm Czech glass rondells
2 6mm Czech glass melon beads
Arte Metal leaf charm
2 4mm spacers
2 11/0 nickel seed beads
15″ 20 gauge brass wire
26″ gunmetal chain
15mm brass etched jump ring
8mm gunmetal jump ring
5mm brass jump ring
2 2″ copper ball headpins
1. String the glass flower onto the headpin, create a messy wrapped loop. Repeat with the English cut glass bead and flower bead cap. String both dangles on a 5mm jump ring.
2. Attach an 8mm jump ring to the bottom of the hand-painted pendant, slide on the painted leaf pendant, small leaf charm and jump ring with the two dangles. Close the jump ring.
3. Cut a 5″ length of wire, create a large loop. Open the loop and slide through the top of the pendant. Wrap the wire around the top of the loop, tightly two times and then two more times loosely. String on a disk bead and create a wrapped loop on top of the bead.
4. Attach the 15mm jump ring to the top of the wrapped loop.
5. Cut two 5″ lengths of the wire. Create a wrapped loop, string on a rondell, spacer, glass leaf bead, nickel seed bead and glass melon bead. Create a loop on top of the last bead, open the loop and string on the chain, close loop and wrap the wire under the loop tightly two times and loosely two – three times to create a messy wrap. 

I have a limited number of complete kits on my website for today’s project. You can find them here.

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