I HEART Jewelry Tools

I love my tools but I have to admit there are a few that I love a little more than the rest. Yes it’s true! I love a few of them more because they’re special. They perform a special task that the other tools either can’t or don’t do as well. Today, I’m going to tell you about one of them, they’re my nylon jaw pliers.

I use wire wrapping in my work and go through a lot of wire making headpins, eye pins, loops, clasps, jump rings and more. The best investment I ever made was in my nylon jaw pliers. If your wire is shipped to you kinked or you goof while working with wire, you use the pliers to straighten it. The nylon jaws coax out any kinks so the wire is so smooth it’s like butta! I’ve straightened all sizes of wires and taken out tight kinks. I’ve saved a lot of wire using these pliers and that translates into less money wasted. The nylon jaw pliers cost between $10 – 24.00 US and are available from various sources. The pliers pictured above are from Euro-tool.

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