Seashell Stack

I was feeling neglectful of the other illustrations in our journey, having focused so much on the forest. I don’t have much in the way of sea-themed beads, but I did purchase a stack of ceramic seashells from Artisticaos during her last trunk show. Armed with these, I went to work in a beautiful beaded necklace, however they did not play nicely together and after much fighting the seashells informed me they didn’t want to share. So they got restacked together and strung on leather cording with just a few brass spacers to give some interest to the body of the necklace. Thus ends the story of the selfish seashells that got their way.

  • Forest Fox

    When I saw the fairytale forest illustrations I knew I wanted to use some of my animal portraits from SummerWind because they have a delightful fairy-tale quality to them. Mr. Fox…

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  • Forest Floor

    The initial inspiration for this piece was this stone pendant with delicate lacing and aqua highlights. It looks just like the forest floor in the illustration. And it matched perfectly with…

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  • Forest Raven

    Many fine fairytales have ravens as key players. Reading the excerpt of Blondine’s story reminded me of one of my favorite fairytales. The princess’s brothers were transformed into ravens. A fox…

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  • Falling From Grace Earrings

    Earrings lightweight and easy to wear with the combined hand formed beads of BHClaysmith – textured oval stoneware discs – and Emily Cohen – hand cut Wasser glass squares – accented…

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  • Quite Contrary Mary Earrings

    Stoneware tablet beads by BHClaysmith suspended on a blackened steel loop looming over Emily Cohen Wasser glass hand cut square dangles.…

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  • Heart of Stoneware Necklace

    Hand cut stoneware shard heart by Emily Cohen, Catfish Studio, Ormond Beach, FL. Necklace construction by BHClaysmith with raw copper wire bail, copper snake chain and pony charm.…

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