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Call for Bracelets! 7,000 Bracelets for Hope

“To encircle the wrist of someone who is supporting a loved one
battling rare and genetic disorders is such a small thing that can make a
big difference.”

— Erin Prais-Hintz, Tesori Trovati Jewelry, Stevens, Point, WI

The Global Genes project sponsors the fundraiser 7,000 Bracelets for Hope. Their mission is to put a blue bracelet (as in ‘blue genes‘ – get it?) on every caregiver of someone dealing with a rare genetic disease.

You might recall that back in July we did a push for the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope project with our blue themed painting that month. Perhaps you have a blue bracelet waiting for a good home. Or maybe you have some blue beads that are screaming to be made into a blue bracelet to bring cheer to someone. I would like to encourage you to email Lisa James, Manager of Community Development for the Global Genes organization and offer her your help.

“On behalf of the Global Genes|RARE Project team, once again,
we would like to thank everyone for their continued support of our 7,000
‘Bracelets for Hope’ program, many of you have recently contributed to
help with our backlog of bracelet requests and we are working on
promoting these donations through our 7K Blog on our website as well as
our social media channels such as Facebook (with nearly 30,000
followers), Twitter and Pinterest.
“We have a current need of 40 bracelets and we would be
so grateful if you are in a position to provide us with additional
donations. Part of our program is to encourage the bracelet recipients
to share their story and pictures with us so that we can post a blog on
our website letting our contributors know the impact of their donation  –
giving hope and support to a family afffected by rare disease. As this is an ongoing program we have immediate requests
and requests coming in all year round.  We are grateful for any

“We would also appreciate you sharing this information with
others – friends, family and those in your jewelry/craft community.  One of the ways we have received support is through Blog Hops.  If you
would be willing to host a Blog-Hop in support of the 7K program or
create a charity challenge with other artists or artist groups, we would
be glad to promote this through our website and social media
channels.  Please let me know as soon as possible.  Also,we would be
glad to send you a tax deductible receipt for the full value of your
donation, upon request.  

“As always, thank you for helping to give hope and support to families that are affected by rare disease by supporting the efforts of the Global Genes |RARE Project’s 7000 ‘Bracelets for Hope’.
Check out their new website. So many of our faithful readers and contributors have quotes there (like mine above) as to why they support this cause. Plus there is a great list of jewelry designers and artists who have contributed in the past. Is your name in that list? It just does my heart good to see the names of so many that I admire all pulling together for this cause.

Perhaps you would like to host a blog hop on your site (or participate in the one that Sue Kennedy of SueBeads is hosting!), or maybe gather some friends and family and some blue beads and have a little crafting session to support the cause. I am on my way right now to South Haven, Michigan to be with my best friend Heather Powers and help her with the Inspired by Nature retreat. As part of my creative sessions, I plan to make as many blue bracelets as I can to donate. Whatever way you can help will be appreciated and will brighten the day of those who are struggling with rare genetic diseases in their family, giving hope and letting them know that there are people thinking of them.
There is a donation form on the right side of the 7,000 Bracelets for Hope web page. Lisa says that using this form is a great way for
people to sign up to donate and to give information about themselves or their
business so that we can promote them in connection with Art Bead Scene. You can find the donation form here:
 Send your donations of blue bracelets, preferably adjustable in size, to this address:
Global Genes Project
24701 La Plaza, Suite 201
Dana Point, CA, 92629 
Contact Lisa James with any questions.