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Art Bead Parade

Strike up the band, grab the banners and wagons – it’s time for an Art Bead Parade!
blue and gold easter sunday egg
A painterly patina in spring hues graces these egg beads by Miss Fickle Media.
Mary Harding is showing off some fresh blooms in the floral toggles.
Chinook Jewelry offers two bold botanical patterns in her ceramic pendants.  That blue is kind of blowing my mind.  I need it!

Oh and speaking of color, check out these faux cinnabar beads from Diva Designs.
Raku fossil beads
Raku fossil beads by Suburban Girl offer up some earthy designs, they look like treasure plucked from a Victorian curiosity cabinet.

All of these beads were found in the new Art Bead Scene Parade flickr group.  If you are a beadmaker, upload your photos and you may find yourself featured on the ABS. 

Monthly Challenge
And for those who have entered the monthly challenge don’t forget to blog about your entry and leave a comment on the Monthly Challenge post.  Erin is hosting our blog tour on the 31st.  All posts must be made by March 30th to be included.