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In The Chaos: A little Unfinished Business

I have a little unfinished business to share. I almost never show unfinished work, but I often think maybe I should. I know a lot of artist that do because people are intrigued by the process. So I could pretend that is why I am showing unfinished work right now, although really, I am showing my work unfinished because I have my post deadline and my work is….well….unfinished!

We are journeying through our 5th journey of the year here at ABS, all inspired by vintage Japanese firework images! There is so much inspiration here!!

Here are my pretty directly inspired pieces….unfinished…..on my work bench. These are porcelain pieces with designs carved out and under glaze added. They still have to be kiln fired so the colors and look will change at bit yet.

Here are a couple less direct inspiration pieces. I love that this journey ties nicely into my Africa inspired show coming in August. African art is full of bright colorful designs. Here I used the same carved out designs (AKA sgraffito) of fireworks but a totally different color pallet.

Here is a quick look at a little more unfinished work on my desk at the moment (unrelated to this journey). These little giraffe earring components are waiting to be finished for my “Africa” show.

And some hollow porcelain beads that I am a bit obsessed with. I am making them for my “Africa” show, but I am not sure I will be able to part with these ones….I am quite attached!

Take care out there all! I shall return to my unfinished business! Thank you for checking out what is happening in my studio!