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“Bohemian Inspired Jewelry” Book Project

I see designers use the word “Bohemian” or “Boho” a lot when talking about their jewelry.  So I was wondering, “Is my jewelry Bohemian?”  I thought I would get out my book called “Bohemian Inspired Jewelry” by authors Lorelei Eurto and Erin Siegel.  Right in the books introduction, Lorelei and Erin explain in depth what is Bohemian inspired jewelry.  They say, “It’s an artistic, nature inspired, and playful combination of materials and textures.”  They go on to say, “Key features of Bohemian style include vibrant colors, organic materials such as wood, stone or clay, and patterned or textured fibers such as leather, ribbon, or cord.”

I started looking more through the book, and the authors do an excellent job of introducing the reader to all these things in the guide before all the 50 finished jewelry designs.  I contacted Lorelei for permission to use her design on page 48 called “Quietude” as the inspiration for my design.  She said yes, so I was excited to share this with you.  This is the picture from the book:

What drew me in to this necklace was the use of disc beads, the focal pendant and the bar on top of it. A while ago, I discovered wax linen and how much I like knotting vs. stringing wire and crimping, so it is my go to stringing material.  Lorelei teaches the reader how to knot through the discs so they lie flat instead of having to stack them on the stringing material.  I am a ceramic bead artist, so I made my own inspirational pendant, the bar component and a heart bead (there is a heart bead a few beads up on the left side).  I couldn’t find a metal button, so I used a heart lobster claw clasp instead.

I chose an entirely different color scheme, but followed along with the book directions.  I think my new necklace in the cool blue and purple tones, is calming, so I put the word Dream on the pendant. I purchased the lampwork disc beads in a Facebook group and I don’t recall the artist’s name (sorry!).  I hope this inspires you to get out your copy of the book and do this with a design that inspires you!  If you don’t have a copy, they can be purchased on Amazon or at

Next month I will be taking another design out of the book and doing this again, but I would like to invite you to do it with me!  Page 114 “The Beach House”, also designed by Lorelei Eurto, is our inspiration.  If you don’t have the book, here is the necklace:

Isn’t it pretty with the multiple strands of beads across the front and the toggle on the side?  I have been wanting to try peanut beads, so here is my opportunity!  I don’t know the exact day I will be blogging again, but have it made in 30 days, and you can post in the comments your design.  Thanks and I hope you’ll play a long!

Michelle McCarthy, Firefly Design Studio