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April 2013 Challenge Palette

This month’s challenge artwork is a lovely painting from Claude Monet. I’m partial to Monet’s work, as he’s the first artist I actually studied in my high school painting class. I love the Impressionist movement for being so radically different from everything that came before, not just in subjects, but in style, too. The carefree dabs of paint, the freedom of capturing a moment versus a specific person or icon – it definitely left an impression on me (bad pun aside).

What I love so much about this particular painting is that it so perfectly mimics spring where I live. Right around now, bluebonnets and wildflowers are blooming on the roadside, and tender leaves are unfurling on the trees. On a nice day, you might see people knee-deep among the flowers, taking photos and enjoying the scenery. So, this painting is very much a scene I see every spring.

As you pull color inspiration for your challenge pieces, I think the most important colors to include would be the lighter, yellower greens and the sky blues. If those shades of oranges aren’t your favorite, try more of a peach shade instead. And the light grays are a great neutral to include, because pretty much every color looks good against gray.

What colors do you plan on using this month? What colors say “spring” to you?

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