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Link Library with Melanie

 I mentioned last Sunday that I wanted to bring some new content to Art Bead Scene on Sundays for my weekly posts.  One of the things that I thought would be fun is to poke around back in the Art Bead Scene archives.  I was here at the beginning, and I have kept up with the blog since the first post, but I thought that some of you may be newer, and might not remember some of the great posts that were written on this blog over the years.  I am going to call the Sunday posts “Link Library” and it will be a blend of old and new links for you to peruse!
Today’s link from the past is one of my first posts here.  I started to develop an alter-ego named Ms. Bead It All and set out to answer technical beady questions, ala Miss Manners style.  It was fun and I didn’t do nearly enough of them.  Maybe I will revisit that, too! 
The post asked the question:
Dear Ms. Bead-It-All,

I have fallen in love with some beautiful art beads, but the hole is
going the wrong way! The beads have cute little faces, but the holes go
up and down…it’s all wrong! How can I string them on a necklace so
they are in the center and facing upright?

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Melanie Brooks is the ceramic beadmaker behind Earthenwood Studio, who blogs from her Metro Detroit, Michigan home.