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Inspiring Challenge

When I saw this months challenge I knew that I had to take part, these colours really excite me, from that rich ochre/gold to my all time favourite teal, just the thought of it had me reaching for my glass.

I make a lot of doll beads,  I couldn’t resist making a signature doll with beautiful dusky roses around the base picking up on the dress in the painting.

Then my mind turned to picking out the individual colours from the palette provided.

To me these are such perfect autumnal colours, and there are so many opportunities to combine them into wearable beads, I started work with a simple shape, my favourite pebble, in the first set I wanted to pick up on the richness of that ochre so I added some 24ct gold leaf to the beads, I made some simple transparent amber beads and added some plain flesh tones, I also included some teal beads with scroll work to echo the detailing on the wood in the painting.

My second set picks up on those rich olive greens, that beautiful ochre and rich teal.

My last set takes that soft coral and pairs with deep olive green, and ochre. I have added a little deep red into this set to balance the pinkness of the coral.  

My vision for these would be pairing them with some beautiful patina’d copper, rustic brass or wood. What would you do with them?