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Felt Inspiration

Maybe it’s the chilly Michigan nights or a longing to pull out my scarf collection with September anxiously waving hello – I am finding myself transfixed by the possibilities of felt.  Check out these inspirational creations!


Felting is the process of taking wool roving, hot water, soap and friction to interlock the wool fibers into a a solid shape.  I love the look of this technique transforming wool fluff into flowers.  The same technique can be used to create ropes and vines.

1. DanFe  2. FeltFatal  3. FeltedArtToWear


I also like the minimalistic and modern approach these three artists used, letting the felt speak for itself.  Used as beads or combined into traditional metalwork, felt offers an interesting texture and adds a warmth to these designs.

1. FeltFieltroFilc  2. JemMetals 3.  FeltZone


Transform sheets of felt or beads into mini-canvases with embroidered elements. If you are using felted sheets in jewelry design looks for 100% wool, this isn’t the acrylic felt sheets found in elementary schools.  You can buy sheets of felt or you can felt 100% wool sweaters by throwing them in your washing machine with hot, soapy water.  It really works – give it a try!  You can them cut the sweaters up into usable pieces.

1. LoveMaude  2. Grrrauf  3. LoftFullOfGoodies

Mixed with Beads

This is my favorite way to use felt – mixed with beads!  You can use a felt element as a focal bead, mix felt in for texture with metalwork or use felt beads to add a bit of whimsy to your beaded designs.  1mm – 2mm beads are great for jewelry.  Most wool beads don’t have holes, use a large needle to poke a hole in the center of the bead.

1. LakeShoreCreations4U  2. BricolageStudios  3. JeanaWells

1. Check out Ornamentea for wool beads and roving.
2. I’m loving the look of FiberWire from Starry Road Studio.
3. And while I’m not sure if they are wool or felt, I love the look of the textured beads from FiberBeads.

The jewelry shown is for inspiration only, please respect the copyrights of the artists.