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Where Did My Muse Go?

The other day, I wrote a post on my blog about losing my gumption, losing my energy, losing my muse. I felt alone, more than a little worried, and a lot frustrated.

The comments I received made me start thinking about what I could do to get out of this slump, and how I really am not alone — who of us hasn’t hit a rough patch in our creative careers?

There are various reasons you may feel you’re in a slump.

Sometimes losing your muse is as simple as getting bored. If you feel like you’re stagnating, look around you for classes to take. No classes in your area? Hit the local book store and see what’s new in books and magazines. One of my favorite new books is Kerry Bogert‘s “Totally Twisted” — it’s fresh and eye-catching. Or hit Etsy and search the many jewelry and bead-making tutorials.

On the other hand, maybe you’ve lost your muse because you’re trying to do too much! In this case, perhaps fall back on tried and true designs, stocking up on earrings for the Christmas season, or making lampwork spacers. You’ll get satisfaction from getting work done, but you won’t overtax your mind by constantly bombarding it.

Finally, you may just need a vacation. Everyone needs a break now and then, and artists are no exception. Give yourself permission to literally stop and smell the roses. Go out and garden. Read a good book. Sit in a coffee shop and people watch. Finish that knitting project you started and abandoned. Do anything that has nothing to do with beads.

I hope one of these ideas helps you in some way, and I hope you’ll make comments about how you personally get out of your ruts, funks, and blue spots. I know that writing about mine on my blog helped me a great deal, and I’m taking some of my own advice from this post.

Whatever you choose to do, create in good health!

Lori Anderson creates jewelry at and writes at Pretty Things and An Artist’s Year Off.