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20 Sales in 20 Days Challenge

Want a boost to your holiday sales?  I invite you take the Flourish & Thrive Academy’s 20 Sales in 20 Days Challenge.  I did this in October and had great results.  You can rearrange the daily challenges to fit in with your schedule.  I plan to start again tomorrow.  For best results partner up with a friend or two to help you stay accountable.  If you’re not ready to hustle, save this list for January – what a great way to start the New Year!

20 Sales in 20 Days Challenge Review

Challenge # 1:: Create a
special of the day and send it out to your client list/newsletter list.
If you feel comfortable with discounts, you can offer a special price
for one day only. Making the offer time sensitive or limited quantity
gives your consumers a sense of urgency to buy now. Post your special of
the day everywhere. Facebook, Instagram, on your Blog, you name it. Ask
your friends and family to share you special of the day, as well.
Challenge # 2:: Ask for a
referral from one or more of your clients. Offer an incentive and give
them a piece of jewelry for each sale or for every 5 sales they send
your way.
Challenge # 3:: Wear your jewelry today and sell something off
of your neck, hand or wrist (earrings might be a little gross). Don’t be
shy and close the sale.
Challenge # 4:: Create a special offer for Facebook clients to purchase on your website with a “special” code.
Challenge # 5:: Hand out a business card every time someone
compliments you on your jewelry today. Start a conversation about your
jewelry. Get their email addresses and send a follow up email of what
they loved from you. Send them a link inviting them to purchase.
Challenge # 6:: Hold a contest for the day or the week. Use this as a list builder.
Challenge # 7:: Offer a gift with purchase today only. 
Challenge # 8:: Contact 5 clients directly who you have worked
with in the past and who haven’t ordered in sometime. Suggest some new
items to them.
Challenge # 9:: Create a FRANK list of all of your friends,
relatives, associates, neighbors & kids or kennel (yep, people you
know because of our kids or your animals). Or you can make the K a C
& C stands for church, charities or clubs. Ask them to spread the
word to their friends and family about your beautiful work. Offer
something special you have going on.
Challenge # 10:: Suggest an item to upsell with anything you
sell today or this week. Example, a client is placing an order, make
sure you add on a best selling necklace or pair of earrings (or add on 1
more of whatever they are ordering). Just think… by adding 1 piece of
jewelry to every order you will be able to see a nice increase by the
end of the month. Robin likes to call this adding the avocado because
whenever you are at a restaurant and they ask you if you would like to
add the avocado, they are upselling you. 
Challenge # 11:: Host/Plan an in person trunk show (sample sale) at your friend’s home so you can get rid of any extra inventory or samples.
Challenge # 12:: Post your pieces on Instagram or Pinterest with hashtags and links to purchase. Ask all of your friends to share it.
Challenge # 13:: Host a friends & family sale on your website or Etsy shop. Make the offer time sensitive and one day only. 
Challenge # 14:: Make phone calls to past clients today until
you get a sale (yep don’t stop until you get that sale). Suggest new
merchandise, gift ideas, etc. If you don’t happen to have phone numbers,
you can email, but note if you use the phone and start a casual convo,
you are more likely to land the sale.
Challenge # 15:: Create a special “set” for a promotional price
and offer that today.Think a necklace with a pair of earrings or
necklace and bracelet set or ring and earrings… you get the idea.
Limit the number available, make it time sensitive and exclusive. 
Challenge # 16:: Loan out a piece of jewelry to your friends or
sisters (something that they really love). Let them wear it and ask them
to refer clients. Give them a stack of cards with your website address
on it. Give each a unique discount code AND if they sell 5
pieces, they get to keep the piece.
Challenge # 17:: Have a one-day sale on your website or Etsy shop to get rid of old inventory…and generate cash flow.
Challenge # 18:: Host a Facebook auction for limited edition
items today…make sure your fans know about it. Include links to
purchase on your website. 
Challenge # 19:: Attend a networking event or some sort of
social event. Go decked out wearing your jewelry and plan to talk about
what you do. Bring special cards with special offers that they can
Challenge # 20:: Reach out to
a Blogger and offer her a piece of jewelry in exchange for a review.
You can give a special discount code for her readers only.
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