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Quick Earrings for Fall Festivals: Summer Wind Art

If you make jewelry for Fall festivals, you might be starting to feel a time crunch trying to get jewelry made in time. I always like to include simple inexpensive earrings at my booth. I find that having both expensive and inexpensive options cater to different customers and get me more overall sales. Simple earrings can also serve as a good ‘filler’ when your booth feels a little sparse. Here are some of my recent earrings I have made for the Fall season. I pretty much work exclusively with Vintaj Natural Brass elements. I like how they have pewter, brass and copper elements, and nothing plated. They are also nickel free which helps when you are selling to people with allergies.

Most of these designs are pretty simple and can be made in just a few minutes if you already have the supplies. Feel free to message me if you wanted to know what a particular bead is made of. I usually work with Czech glass and natural stone 🙂


 Hope these help give you a little inspiration, and I wish everyone luck in their upcoming shows! Fall is such a great time of year 🙂