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Holiday Packaging

I update my packaging seasonally, and since the holidays are sneaking up on us, I thought I’d share how I add a little festiveness to my packages. 

Regardless of the time of year, certain ingredients (and priorities) in my packaging regimen remain consistent:
Safety: I ship in kraft jewelry boxes because of their sturdiness. I fill the boxes with kraft crinkle cut paper. Surrounding my beads in a cozy nest of paper, gives me piece of mind when I hand my packages over to the USPS.
Eco-friendly: Sticking with paper allows my customers to toss the packaging in the recycling/ compost, if they choose to not reuse. 
Cost: Simplicity costs less and cuts down on shipping costs. I also buy in bulk to get better prices. 
And the fun part, the PRETTY factor: I love receiving a pretty package in the mail. Packaging can enhance the handmade shopping experience and if it reflects the work, can strengthen the artist’s brand. I decorate kraft boxes with washi tape and secure the box with bakers twine. Each box gets topped with a hand-stamped manilla tag. Large purchases get wrapped with tissue and twine. At holiday craft shows, I offer hand-stamped muslin bags with holiday business card tags. My beads and jewelry are earthy and rustic, my packaging has a similar feel. 
Instead of going all out ‘red and green’, I try to keep my packaging “holiday neutral”. Stars and snowflakes, polka dots and stripes, earthy hues with a pop of color. This year I found washi tape in bronze/ gold hues and I pair that with a pop of red or green bakers twine. Since I don’t assume purchases are Christmas gifts, I try to create packaging during the holidays that would work as holiday wrapping, but doesn’t scream Christmas. 
If you sell online, include a picture of your packaging. Similarily, display samples of gift wrap available when selling at a show. People are busy and sometimes the convenience of having a ready to give gift, will bring in more sales. Resources for supplies listed below.

Kraft boxes, crinkle paper, tissue paper: Papermart
Manilla tags: Uline
Washi tape, bakers twine: Etsy
Business card tags: Moo
Muslin bags: Celestial gifts