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Inside the Studio – Mini Displays

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This weeks winner is Kim Stevens! Congratulations!
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 Today you back in the Humblebeads Studio and what’s on my mind today – holiday shows!

I don’t have much planned for the holidays and to tell you the truth I’m doing a little hustling to find places to host trunk shows – offices, schools, boutiques, spas – wherever I think a good match would be for my jewelry!  I have been researching shows but deadlines are so far in advance for the good shows, let’s just say next year I’ll be rocking the holiday markets in my area.  
For now I have two shows that are Artisan Markets at local art centers.  These are basically gift shop settings that take over the gallery for 2-3 weeks during the holidays and work on consignment.  
So how do you sell your jewelry and tell a story when are aren’t there?  Well here are a few tips:
1. Merchandise your jewelry smartly – this isn’t the time to throw any and everything on the display.  Create a  collection that works together.  For this show I paired up woodland themed jewelry with the motifs of leaves, trees, birds and nests.  Everything works together and I have a range of prices from $25-$65.  
2. Keep your display simple, affordable and one that compliments your brand/style.  I covered a canvas from Hobby Lobby with silk fabric and a flew 12″ particle boards that we had in our crafty closet. A glue gun and scissors were all that were required.  Make sure you put your name on your displays.
The great thing about this display is your can make up several sets for different shows.  
*Be sure to pin everything down.  It keeps them from sprouting legs and walking away.
3. Tell your story without saying a word.  Create a sign with one or two sentences that introduce your jewelry, include it with your business name and logo and put it in a frame to go with your display. 
Mine says, ” My jewelry features designs that jump out of my sketchbook, are transformed into clay and become reminders for the wearer to live mindfully, rejoice in nature’s beauty and to remember the peace that comes from touching the earth.”
I also included a copy of book because well that’s just impressive isn’t it?  And now you see the story of my jewelry and know a little bit about it without me saying a word.  If you do sign up for these type of events they always have an opening night.  Plan to attend, meet as many people as your can, wear a ton of your jewelry and bring your business cards.  You never know who you might meet!
 Now for the prize this week – it’s a $20 gift certificate from

What is a clever display idea that you’ve seen or that you use?

Leave a comment and we’ll pick a winner next Friday.