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Art Journey #3 :: Improvisational Quilting of Gee’s Bend

Strips – “Nine Patch” Variation (1950s)
Emma Mae Hall Pettway
Cotton | 83×73 inches
Example of Abstraction & Improvisation

Gee’s Bend, Alabama is home to one of the United States most prolific and robust African American folk art collections by a small collection of innovative artists. The area of Gee’s Bend is much like an inland island, surrounded on three sides by the Alabama River, this relative isolation has allowed a great tradition to flourish.

Housetop Nine-Block Half Log Cabin variation (1955)
Sue Willie Seltzer

Cotton and synthetic blends | 80×76 inches
Example of Housetop / Bricklayer

There are only about 700 inhabitants of this remote rural community, most of whom are descendants of the slaves that for generations working in the fields of the Pettway plantation. The women of Gee’s Bend are quiltmakers who have created amazing patchwork masterpieces from the 1920s to the modern day.

Housetop variation (2004)
Loretta Pettway

Cotton and cotton blends | 86×68 inches
Example of Housetop / Bricklayer

The tradition of making functional textiles for home and family meets thriftiness of transforming recycled work clothes, dresses, feed sacks and fabric remnants in the ingenious quilts of the Gee’s Bend women. But more than just the thriftiness is the brilliance of the artistic achievement of these women, and the fact that this community of artists spans three to four generations. The quilts have a special flair for improvisation, geometry and bold transformations for everyday fabrics.

Birds in the Air (1981)
Lucy T. Pettway

Cotton and cotton/polyester blend | 79×79 inches
Example of Patterns & Geometrics

Most of the Gee’s Bends quilts are known as “my way” quilts as they might loosely follow basic quilt forms, but veer off into abstract and unexpected patterns, unusual color palettes and a feeling of movement and rhythm. There is a clear sense of individualism and eccentricity in their works fueled by their unique way of looking at pattern, fabric and design and it makes the Gee’s Bend quilts completely original and fine abstract art of any kind.

Strips (1975)
Annie Mae Young

Corduroy | 95 x 105 inches
Example of Sears corduroy

There are so many amazing quilts that it was hard to narrow it down to just these six. The quilts can be categorized into five distinct types: Abstract & Improvisation; Housetop & Bricklayer; Patterns & Geometry; Sears Corduroy; Work Clothes. If you want to check out more examples of the Gee’s Bend quilts, check out the website Souls Grown Deep.

Work-Clothes Quilt with Center Medallion of Strips (1976)
Annie Mae Young

Denim, corduroy, synthetic blend (britches legs with pockets) | 108×77 inches
Example of Work Clothes

Tell us….what do you see in these quilts that inspires you?

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