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8 Blogging Tips for Jewelry Designers

Since we are starting our new weekly Beady Link Party, I thought I’d share a few blogging tips with our readers.

1. Photos are super important. Make them big and beautiful. Shoot in diffused natural daylight whenever possible.  I like to have my photos on the x-large size here on blogger or 600 pixels wide.

2. Break up the same ol’, same ol’ and style your photos. Get creative and style those photos for your blog. Add some personality into your photos. Consider showing your jewelry styled on your work table, on a dresser with props that match your jewelry, or on a model (doesn’t have to be a professional model). Tell a story with your photos.

We have an excellent article on styling your jewelry photos here.

3. Talk to us like we are over for a cup of tea and visiting in your studio. Share with us the creative process, your inspirations, why you created a piece or a story behind it.

If I sat in your studio and you only told me a list of what went into each piece, I’d have some questions. Oh, who made that bead, what’s that stone? Does it have any symbolism or fabled mystical properties? Did something about that piece of jewelry remind you of poem or photo you took? Share stories with us. We all love a good story.

4. K.I.S.S. – Keep It Short Sweetie. We love stories, but we are also all crazy busy and your stories should be right at the heart of the tale and not too meandering.

Also, make things easier to read. Break up longer piece of text with photos or shorten paragraphs. We skim more than we read on blogs, make it easy to digest for your visitors.

You don’t have to write a book when you write a blog post. Make it easy on yourself too, the more fun you are having the more like you are to keep at it.

5. Blog consistently. That may be weekly or bi-weekly but don’t neglect your blog anymore! Dust it off, spruce it up and get ready for company. Don’t write the “sorry, I’ve been gone or neglected my blog,” posts, no need – just start up again and blog when you can. I recommend making it part of your weekly schedule, make time for it. If you are going to be busy, write them up in advance and schedule your posts throughout the month.

6. Have fun and connect with your fellow bead bloggers. You took the time to make the tea, put some flowers in a vase and now it’s time to invite us over. Participate in the weekly Beady Link Party. Share your blog post on Facebook. Visit your fellow bloggers and leave thoughtful comments. Visit those who leave comments on your blog. When you read a great blog post share it on Facebook.

7. Use blogging as part of your creative process. Share your inspirations, behind the scenes, do-overs and outakes, Ultimately write the blog for yourself and as record of your brave, creative explorations! We will happily travel along on your journey.

8. Blog content is found by search engines and doesn’t get lost in the noise of social media. Do you feel like your Facebook posts get lost in the sea of feeds?I have more stories to tell and want more than a thumbs up communication when I’m sharing my work and process. And if I’m creating content and sharing, it’s nice for them to have a home instead of disappearing into the endless scroll of a feed! Blogging gives you original content to share on social media and offer something of value to your followers. And search engines still love blogs.

Let’s bring back old school blogging and work on building a fun and strong community of beady bloggers! Make sure to share your blog posts with us every Monday here on the Art Bead Scene!