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Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

I’m thrilled to be here doing my inaugural post as a new regular contributor to the Art Bead Scene. My name is Ann Schroeder, and I live in Wisconsin with my cat MooKitty. Beads are my hobby, not my work, and are pure joy for me. They make my heart go pitter-pat.


I posted my first entry for an ABS challenge in May 2013, almost 7 years ago. I barely had an online presence at that time and struggled to upload my photo to flickr. Good thing we have a new easy-peasy posting method on the Art Bead Scene Lounge Facebook page. But I was so excited by art beads that I wanted to share, and sharing about art beads is what Art Bead Scene is all about. I’ve been participating in the challenges and (and now Journeys) on and off ever since.

May 2018 ABS – Necklace with Joan Miller focal and clasp by Shannon German, inspired by Sandro Botticell’s Primavera 

I’ll admit that having an immediate idea when seeing the inspiration is what prompted me to make and share something most of the time. Now I’m challenging myself to dig deeper into my creativity when an idea isn’t instant – and get a different kind of gratification. Although I’ll still welcome those quick ideas when they make an appearance.

November 2016 ABS – Necklace with coin pendant by Andrew Thornton and clasp by Shannon German, inspired by Lee Oscar Lawrie’s metalwork owl above the door to a room in the Library of Congress. 

I love to write about the process of how designs come together, often by happenstance or maybe kismet. I hope I can give you enjoyable things to look at, introduce you to a new artist or two, and encourage you to share your love of art beads. I might even get brave and try some new techniques.

November 2015 ABS – Necklace with focal by Nancy Adams (who still makes, but not beads) of Round Rabbit, inspired by Marguerite Zorach’s silk screen Autumn Flowers.

My studio is where I can relax and lose myself more than anywhere else. That is as true and as important now as it ever has been. I look forward to going on these Art Journeys with you and pushing myself to meet the challenge each time. 

To keep up with what folks are creating and to post yourself, visit the Art Bead Scene Lounge Facebook page. Click on “photos” and then the “albums” tab to find the album for each Journey. 

I hope you’ll visit next Friday to see my makes for Art Journey #3. I love quilts, and especially these from Gee’s Bend artists. Thanks for reading!