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Are You a Lover of Beaded Learning?

I am knee deep in making plans for my 2014 teaching schedule. As I create new samples and design projects that will demonstrate techniques, I’m always wondering to myself “what do students really want to be learning?

I have never met a beader yet that wasn’t interested in learning something new.

Be they students, random shoppers in a local bead store or commenters on a blog, everyone has something they are aspiring to know how to do someday. I hear/read excited “OH, I wanna learn that someday” sentiments all the time! We are all constantly evolving our styles, eagerly devouring new techniques, and seeking knowledge of how the next cool trick might make our beading lives even better.

Right? Right.

So, I thought that it would be great to open up the comments today to a discussion about LEARNING! I think it would be a great insight for instructors as they design their class proposals, and cool for students too. Maybe someone else is excited to learn something you didn’t even know existed!

Here are a few questions to get you started commenting…

  • What is your dream class… what would have you in your car or on a plane and into a classroom in a heartbeat? 
  • Do you like learning techniques or would you rather leave your class with a finished project to show off?
  • Retreats vs. Big Bead Shows… which do you prefer?
  • What technique is on your list as a must-learn? Bead weaving, stringing, wire working, metalsmithing, lampworking, polymer clay, ceramics, etc… what’s next on your list?
  • What jewelry designer or bead artist do you wish would start teaching?
I look forward to reading your thoughts!! Start sharing!!
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