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Art Bead Palette :: Carolyn Saxby Textiles

Alternate Mauve Halloween

Green Sunflower Leaves

Peeling Boat Paint

Pretty in Pink

Purple Plum

When Heather first approached me a year ago to create color palettes from art beads, I was super excited to have an excuse to window shop. There are so many fabulous bead artists that I’m never at a loss of source material, which makes these monthly posts incredibly fun to do.

So imagine my delight when I came across Carolyn Saxby Textiles. Carolyn’s a mixed-media textile artist, and tucked away in her shop are beautifully textured, sculptural beads that she shapes from Tyvek. Talk about true little pieces of art! They look like little bits of fabric and lace, and remind me of an elaborate gown or costume.

Carolyn sticks to monochromatic or analogous palettes for her beads, which I like; it allows the lovely textures to stand out more, don’t you think? Which colorway is your favorite?

To see more from Carolyn, visit her shop, or stop by her blog and Facebook page.