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Packing Surprises

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.” 
~Walt Disney

Over time I have been honing my packaging for my jewelry and ‘simple truths’ line. I just ordered more of the 3 1/2″ square matte copper boxes which seem to have become my trademark, as well as the pillow boxes that I like for the smaller things like the ‘simple truths.’ I add my clear labels that are copper embossed with my company  name and logo. I have a thing for real ribbon and love to use different ones, sometimes matching the colors of what is inside. I also just discovered baker’s twine and I have a large spool of it for my pillow boxes and to tie my charms to their hang tags. That old ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’ thing. And for jewelry pieces I usually use my special chocolate satin ribbon embossed with my logo and sometimes I add a tiny copper key.

My little copper key charms that pop up on packages from BunnySundries, tell Rain I sent you!

I like to add a personal note to the recipient that is hand written on pretty stationery. I find great deals in the dollar spot at Michaels on those. Since I get bored easily I like to switch things up and it is a small investment that reaps big rewards. I have been saving all the pretty pages from my Mary Engelbreit page-a-day calendar and tuck one inside as a special treat. I just don’t have the heart to throw them away with their sweet art and words of wisdom.. I have a skeleton key stamp for outside of the bubble mailer and a couple of rolls of a limited edition washi tape that has skeleton keys on it. I try to add my logo in various forms to whatever I am sending so that it looks like me, even if it isn’t the exact same as my logo. I want you to think of me when you see a key. (Is it working yet? 😉

This was so limited edition and no longer available.
I think I might own the last two rolls in the Universe! From Washimatta on Etsy.

I recently wondered if all this was worth it. It takes a lot of time for me to package my orders and it is a an added cost to have all these little keys everywhere. I had seen some posts where people were complaining about getting packages that were not in recycled bubble mailers and were wrapped in more than just a scrap of tissue as being wasteful. So I thought about that. Was I being wasteful? Or turning people off with my methods?

I get a lot of shipments every week and I see everything from very elaborate packaging to very unfussy. I don’t judge anyone either way for their choice, but for my own purposes I guess I see things differently. Yes, there is a cost to this enhanced packaging (my shipping and handling costs do not cover all of that, I consider it a cost of business), and I truly love to wrap presents. I think of each piece I send out in the world as a little gift. I know that I love a pretty package and I want the recipient to feel extra special. And just as I was about to wonder if the comments I had seen on Facebook should change my mind, I got this feedback on Etsy:

“Not only is this pendant absolutely gorgeous- the beautiful packaging and personal note made opening my package an extremely enjoyable experience! Will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you so much!”

So that seals it then. The packaging will stay as is.

In preparing for the Bead & Button show I decided that I wanted to do something a little more special to let my customers know that I appreciated them and to share with new friends that I meet while there. I was out of my first batch of mini Moo cards, so it was time to start over.

I came up with an idea to do a scratch off card with a discount available only in my Etsy shop as a way to say thank you to my customers. I have a box of them ready to go with me to the Bead & Button show and if you smile at me nicely I will give you one, too 😉

Moo cards are the absolutely best quality that I have ever found, and I love the mini Moos most of all. Their small size makes them like bubble gum trading cards and their silky feel, awesome color printing and the ability to make up to 100 designs in each pack is incredible. (Please note that I do not get paid from Moo to say this. I just like them that much!)

I came up with different percentages off and other bonuses and decided on four different images from my designs. Because the back is different on each one on the offer side, I could only use one picture on the front. This is why I went with 4 different designs. I guess I will keep this customer loyalty program going as long as there are cards… 400 to be exact!

I had found some tutorials where people made their own scratch off stickers using contact paper, liquid soap and acrylic paint, but that looked messy, time consuming and inconsistent. Who has that kind of time? Besides I am all about paying an expert to do their stuff for you.

I found these stickers from an Etsy seller called MyScratchOffLabels (they also have a website). They were really great to work with and I felt that they were reasonably priced and very high quality. This was the next best investment next to the Moos! They fit perfectly and they scratch off just like any lottery ticket which makes it fun. Because I randomized the offers in each box, I am not sure what each card will be when I send it off. That, my friends, makes it exciting! Plus they have cute images of ‘simple truths’ so you will likely want to display it to remember me by, right? 😉

Just my little way to say thank you for purchasing my art beads.

What about you?
Do you do anything to make your packaging stand out from the crowd? Or do you prefer to keep it no frills or even recycled? How do you feel when you get packages from other vendors? What is the best packaging that you have ever received from an art bead artist? 

Do share your tips and ideas in the comments!

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