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Tutorial Tuesday – Collector Necklace

This tutorial is for a pretty simple but endlessly versatile necklace design.

(ceramic tablet drop – Something to do Beads; ceramic spike – Scorched Earth)
The ingredients here may look quite particular but you could work with any selection of harmonious materials you have to hand.  Here is what is essentially the same design but in a couple of different variations. 
The charms/pendants in the one on the left are, mostly, a chance selection of extras that Petra of Scorched Earth sent me, which happened to fall together on my desk. The pieces in right-hand piece were leftovers from a magazine project I did for Beads and Beyond (including more Scorched Earth!).  Just start by arranging your pieces in a fan on your mat. In this piece I’ve mixed my art beads with some rough and rugged semi-precious beads.
You’ll need to be able to string all your items at the top so in some cases you may need to add a bail. A bit of wire will usually do the job.
Then all you do is start stringing. You’ll want to use small beads (I’ve used 4mm glass rounds) so that you can control the distances between your pendant pieces with ease – and you won’t always need the same number between each of your drops.  It’s really a case of judging by eye.
Once you’ve added the focal pieces continue beading up the sides for a short way. I’ve included a stray gold bead to add interest and break up the bronze coloured rounds.
I then added on a couple of little rondelles to give a bit of punctuation. 
You might want to add a clasp at the side here, as I have in the other examples. Also, you may want to switch to even smaller beads and bead around the back of the necklace. However, in this case, I’ve opted for chain and a hook clasp at the back.  
I’ve used french wire on the connection points. It’s my new favourite thing to use – I’ve never been entirely convinced by wire guardians.  
And that’s your necklace done!