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Inside the Studio with Claire Lockwood

I’m going to start this Inside the Studio post with a shot taken just outside my studio.

I did my regular artisan market at the weekend.  My flat (where I work) is in the town centre, in the market place, so my pitch was just yards away from my studio.  As you can see, it was a lovely, sunny day.  Here’s a few of the new pieces I made for the event. There are lots of art beads in this necklace.

(ceramic crown – Round Rabbit; ceramic leaf – Scorched Earth; lampwork round – Helen Chalmers; lampwork headpin – Earthshine Beads; patina hoops – Grubbi)

(ceramic rounds – Anne Lidbetter; ceramic drops – Scorched Earth)

(crown pendant – Jade Scott; ceramic bird – Blueberribeads)
Back inside the studio…
…things have been in their usual state of disarray. (I think the slight blur in this image just heightens the sense of disorder.) 
This last few weeks I’ve made a point of taking photos of new beads as they arrive – so I can share some post day joy with you – before I try filing them somewhere in that large pile of bead boxes you can see in the earlier picture.  Here’s some beads from new-to-me bead makers. 
These polymer bicones from Graceful Willow are just so neat and crisp – I love them! And the painted wooden coins are really fun.  You’ll probably recognise the other beads as the work of my fellow ABS-er, Mary Harding – I was really chuffed to bag some of her folksy birds.  Also new to me, Donna Perlinplim.  I’ve had my eye on her shop for a while: 
Going from one extreme to the other, here are some lovelies from bead makers whose wares I just can’t resist!:
(Clockwise from top left: Happy Fallout, Moogin, Jubilee, Scorched Earth)
I just don’t seem to be able to get enough from these makers… And finally, neither new nor totally habitual, but somewhere in-between:
With this post in mind, I challenged myself to come up with some new makes using some of these goodies.  I’m almost certain that I’m keeping these earrings.
And here’s a necklace using some of those polymer bicones and and a pendant from that Scorched Earth order.
(Also featured here: lampwork bicone – Helen Chalmers; polymer bail connector – Happy Fish Things; polymer disc – Tree Wings Studio)
And finally, an exciting development in my bead-making.  Yesterday I had my first ceramics class. (Well, first since my teens.)
Two hours flew by; I could have stayed all day!  I can’t wait to go back.  Obviously, these won’t be ready for a while yet and my bead shop is a little empty at the moment, so for this week’s giveaway, I’m offering a $25 gift voucher for either my jewellery shop or my bead shop.  The question for today is, whose beads do you find irresistible?