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Fit To Print Review — Chain and Bead Jewelry Soldering Connections by Scott David Plumlee

Well, David Plumlee has done it again!  Another of his beautiful books landed on my doorstep but this time there’s a twist — he teaches us to solder!

The book covers twenty simple projects using sterling silver, bronze, copper, and gold jump rings.  I love that he shows how to solder rings, many using a butane torch, such as this Blazer torch:

The beginning of the book covers the basics, which includes a handy and complete demonstration on making ear wires, a magnetic clasp, and a hammered S-clasp.  He also covers the finishing process, which I found very informative, particularly when he talked about a second pickling process.  I’ve run into the same technical issues he discussed, and when I tried his solution, it cleared my problem right up.  
The projects are fantastic, and many of them don’t require you to solder.  Earrings can be solder-free, due to their nature, and some of the bracelets are able to be made without firing up a torch.  However, David’s explanations and diagrams are so easy to follow, you’ll be able to whip out that torch and become an expert in no time.
The designs are fresh and creative.  The Beaded Triad earrings above prepare you for the Beaded Triad bracelet and the Beaded Star key fob and earrings.  He also shows you how to make a stunning mobius pair of earrings (shown below) and a bracelet.
One of the things I love about Scott David Plumlee’s book is it’s not all chain maille — it goes into forging as well.  The other beauty is the projects are accessible and doable for all skill levels.  It’s a terrific book with a lot of places for you to jump off and run with your own creative variations.
Highly recommended!!!!
Lori Anderson creates jewelry for her web site lorianderson.netShe writes the blog Pretty Things.  She lives in Maryland.