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Fall Pantone Color Trends: Sensible and Spirited

Every month, Etsy’s blog puts out a list of the upcoming trends that they are seeing (or are looking for) in merchandising, things like magic and owls, letters and symbols, feathers and lace, or personalization and found objects. I have not really delved into staying too much ahead of the curve when it comes to hot trends with my new ‘simple truths’ components, but it would probably be a good idea if I would like to continue with them!

One of the things on their list is following the latest Pantone color trend report. According to Pantone, this fall they are inspired by “The Art of Color,” so what better thing to be inspired by than art beads that follow those trends! I love to shop on Etsy so I thought that I would take their latest trend topic and see what I could find that would interpret these colors in art beads specifically.

Of these colors, Pantone says this: “Taking cues from the great masters, sepia tones of Old Hollywood, Chinese opera, cityscapes and countryside, designers are paying close attention to texture, contrast and color for fall 2011.” I couldn’t agree more! And this palette is considered “Sensible and Spirited.”
A little about the new fall colors:

bamboo – an earthy mustard color, very exotic; pairs well with phlox, teal, honeysuckle
emberglow – a soft salmon that glows with life; works with coffee liquer, deep teal, phlox
honeysuckle – a vibrant pink punctuation point; combine with cedar, bamboo, nougat
phlox – a magically deep purple tone; add it to cedar, emberglow or bamboo
cedar – a soothing misty green color; pair it with deep teal or orchid hush
deep teal – think dark sea hues; looks great with coffee liquer and nougat as well as bamboo
coffee liquer – milk chocolate with a kick; this brown is the new black and goes with everything!
nougat – just the color I like my coffee; delicious with emberglow or honeysuckle
orchid hush – gray with soft orchid undertones; this new neutral goes with everything in the palette
quarry – a quiet blue gray; try it with nougat and coffee liquer or honesuckle and phlox

And here is my Etsy Treasury, filled with my tried and true favorites for art beads, plus the added bonus of new-to-me bead artists (I feel a need to go on an Etsy binge!):

‘Pantone Fall Art Bead Trends’ by TesoriTrovati

This Treasury shows off Art Beads that fit the Pantone fall color trends! Thanks to those artists who make their own art beads, we will never run out of options for our unique creations!

Circus Petals in Khaki Teal …

Jangles Ceramic Flower Link

Bead Caps, Torch-Fired Ename…

Cedar Green, Black & Ivory S…

Large Funky Ceramic Bead pen…

Tiny Oak Leaf Charm

Adorable Earthy Brown Owl Pe…

Quatrain Circle Pewter Conne…

Handmade Amethyst Frosted Gl…

Violet – Large Textured Copp…

be thank full – simple truth…

Wisteria Waves – Handmade La…

Handmade Hollow Lampwork Bea…

Ceramic Bead Donut Pendant T…

Porcelain Beads Teal Blue Le…

3 Handmade Porcelain Light t…

The question is, do people follow these color trends when creating jewelry or shopping for it? Are they stocking up their wardrobe with honeysuckle sweaters and cedar shirts and coffee liquer pants and need accessories for it? Or do you think that these are just a gimmick?
I have never been very good with following trends and prefer to stay in my own comfort zone, but I might be inspired to add a few touches of these colors into my line of pendants and components, and surprisingly found that I already gravitated to some of these colors! It might be a good idea for those of us who sell on Etsy to add some of the hot color words to our tags, whether we make beads or jewelry with beads from other artists. I found that some people had done this in their listings and that made the job of searching by these colors a whole heckuva lot easier!
If nothing else, these Pantone Fall Color trends might inspire me to label things in a different way to take advantage of the trends. After all one person’s purple is Pantone’s phlox!
Your turn…
What is your favorite Pantone fall color?
What is your least favorite Pantone fall color?
What is the most surprising Pantone fall color in this palette?
Will you create jewelry following the trend of these colors or just stick to your favorites?
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