Art Bead Scene’s Free Projects

From the contributing editors and friends of the Art Bead Scene, here is a convenient list of all the free projects we have featured on our blog. We hope they inspire you to use your art beads in new and exciting ways!

Poppy Field Bracelet from Humblebeads

The Flapper’s Summer Dragonfly Pendant from Humblebeads

Bundled Pod Necklace from Earthenwood Studio

Lotus Flower Cuff Bracelet from Humblebeads

Gothic Garden Necklace from Earthenwood Studio

Elaine’s Links of Love from Elaine Ray Beads

Lucky Knots from Cindy Gimbrone

Tassel Art Bead Earrings from Humblebeads

Purple Metamorphis Necklace from Earthenwood Studio

Charmed Scarf Pins from Earthenwood Studio
Mix and Match Necklaces from Elaine Ray
A Pair of Swinging Earrings from Elaine Ray Beads
Earthy Pendants from Humblebeads
An Art Nouveau Pendant from Cindy Gimbrone
A Filigree Pendant from Cindy Gimbrone
Mitten Holders from Earthenwood Studio

Glass Christmas Tree Ornament from Cindy Gimbrone

Party Pixie Ornament from Earthenwood Studio
Gift-Wrapping with Beads from Virgina Miska
A Flurry of Christmas Ornaments from Humblebeads & Earthenwood Studios
Decorative Ornament Hooks from Creative Impressions in Clay
Snowguy Necklace from Earthenwood Studio

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