Fiber Findings and Finishing Techniques for Jewelry WEBINAR

Hello! I’ve been working on a BIG, exciting project with Interweave/FW
Media for over two months now. I’m thrilled to finally share it with
you! I’m grateful that I have this opportunity to share with all my
creative friends out there about how I create the jewelry I love so
much. Is there anything better than talking about jewelry? I don’t think
so.  I’ll be presenting a LIVE webinar presentation on Thursday, August 15th at 12:30 p.m. EST called, Fiber Findings and Finishing Techniques for Jewelry.
I hope you will join me while I share with you all my tips, tricks and
techniques to finishing off leather, ribbons and cords in jewelry. Learn
how to add some of my favorite materials in your own projects such as,
suede lace, leather cord, cotton cord, waxed linen, silk cords, ribbons
and more with tons of pictures and step-by-step photo tutorials.

Enhance your knowledge and understanding of how to use the findings
available on the market today that can be used with fibers. Add
wire-wrapping and knotting techniques to your jewelry-making repertoire
that you can use to finish off fibers in your projects with full color,
step by step photos and thorough explanations. Follow along with me live
as I take you through an in-depth look at all the methods and
techniques I use to finish off leather, ribbons and cords cleanly and
professionally. After the presentation, you will get a chance to ask me
any questions you like and I will do my very best to answer them!

With Fiber Findings and Finishing Techniques for Jewelry, you will…

  • Get a list of essential tools for making jewelry with fibers
    including an explanation of each tool, what I use it for and why I like
  •  Take a close look at my favorite findings to use with fibers. Get
    an explanation of each one, the types to buy and why I like them. Get my
    suggestions for which fibers to use with which findings and learn how
    to properly use each one with clear, step-by-step photo tutorials.
  • Learn my favorite wire-working and knotting techniques to finish off fibers with step-by-step photos and detailed instructions.
  •  Get answers to any questions you have on the subject! 

I hope you can join me for my live webinar on August 15th, but if you can’t make it, don’t worry! You can still purchase the full presentation at the Interweave store and access it at anytime after the webinar goes live on the 15th.Thank you and hope to see you there!

Erin Siegel is a jewelry designer, beading instructor and co-author of
the jewelry book, Bohemian-Inspired Jewelry: 50 Designs Using Leather,
Ribbon and Cords. To find out more, visit her blog: Erin Siegel Jewelry

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