I Heart Jewlery Tools

Tools are so cool – they help you get the job done is so many different ways.

Use the lever effect and suddenly your hands are stronger.

Tweezers can make your fingers feel smaller and more precise.

Using a clamp or vise can give you a third hand while a magnifying glass can let you see really close up.

This got me thinking about what some of my favorite tools are and one that didn’t immediately come to mind is my HP 3210 All in one scanner / copier. Though it took me a couple of minutes to think of it, I really do love it and use it often and for a variety of purposes. I can easily do a quick scan of a bead or pendant to send to a customer or just to keep a record for myself and I can scan finished jewelry if a better picture is not needed. For some reason – when I scan a flat piece, the scanner doesn’t create as much glare as a camera flash does. The photocopier function is great for me to copy invoices, copy sketches, cut / paste sketches and enlarge or shrink an image. Anything that I can photo copy, I can also keep a digital record of just as easy.

All – in – one models are significantly more expensive than just a simple copier, but I feel I have really gotten my money out of it and would recommend a scanner / copier to anyone who was trying to decide between just a copier and a scanner / copier.

What are some of your often used “tools” that don’t come quickly to your mind, but that you wouldn’t want to be without?

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1 Comment

  1. Lynda
    November 12, 2007 at 5:04 pm

    What a great idea! It never occured to me to scan my jewelry so I can have a record of what I make. Not sure my 35mm camera is going to take that great pictures. I’m going to try the scanner and see how that works. Thank you.

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