On the Street Where You Live: Etsy Inspiration for the May ABS Challenge Inspiration

In doing a little research about Utrillo, I came up with this fascinating quote attributed to Diego Riviera about the questionable paternity of his birth:

“After Maurice was born to Suzanne Valadon, she went to Renoir, for whom she had modeled nine months previously. Renoir looked at the baby and said, ‘He can’t be mine, the color is terrible!’ Next she went to Degas, for whom she had also modeled. He said, ‘He can’t be mine, the form is terrible!’ At a cafe, Valadon saw an artist she knew named Miguel Utrillo, to whom she spilled her woes. The man told her to call the baby Utrillo: ‘I would be glad to put my name to the work of either Renoir or Degas!'”

‘On the Street Where You Live: May ABS Inspiration’ by TesoriTrovati

Come with us as we explore the French street scene of Maurice Utrillo in this month’s inspiration painting for the Art Bead Scene challenge: www.artbeadscene.com.

GREEN.. Saggar Fired Miniatu…

Window Shutter Key Connector…

old love

Wooden House Bead

Handmade Toggle Clasp – Cera…

Yellow Bird House Buttons Ha…

4 Yards Hand Dyed BALSAM Daz…

Padlock Pendant

House Charm with Heart, in S…

house bead

KEY Pendant for Jewelry 1X2 …

16 Coloured little Houses po…

Handcast Pewter Old Door Cha…

12x7mm Magic Topaz Czech Gla…

Stone House on First Street

pure copper House… specia…

Can’t wait to see how this painting inspires you!

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  1. brenda Salzano
    May 5, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Your blog is so filled with eye candy!! Thank you for the latest treasury with my little house buttons too!

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