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I have been wracking my brain to come up with a good subject for my post this month. The start of the year is always a period of reflection for me, a time to look back at designs over the previous year and work out what has been a success, what would be better with more development and what I can retire.  The reflection process is always really interesting, I spend a great deal of time looking back over old images and collections.

While I have been looking through some old photos I came across some images that really represent a huge turning point for me, a stage at which I started getting really serious about running a business rather than a hobby. The turning point for me was upgrading my work space from a run down shabby garden shed to a purpose built workshop, at the time I remember agonising over the cost and if I could justify the expense when we had such a young family to consider, but, we bit the bullet and went for it.

Everything changed with this space, I finally had my glass and metal working tools in one space, I could dedicate days to working out there. In reflection this is the point at which I finally considered myself self employed.

These photos were taken in 2011 and show my old workshop being demolished and the new workshop going up in its place. I never cease to be amazed at how far things have come and how much has changed in that time and it makes me enormously grateful that I am able to pursue something I love.







Have you taken any big leaps in the name of progressing your art? Why not share the turning points with your own art jewellery or your aspirations?