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In the chaos: Challenges and rewards

I believe this quote to be very true, especially in my art. I find the more challenges I work through, the more I grow as an artist. This months journey is a perfect example. Quilting of Gee’s Bend was not overly inspiring for me so I dug deep this round and came up with some beads. Here is one set I am particularily thrilled about, that I never would have made, had it not been for this challenge. As I was digging deep, I noticed that inside one of the quilts was a pretty strip that caught my eye and inspired fauceted quilt beads. This Challenge most certainly reaped reward for me!!

Here are a few more beads I came up with in relation to this art journey

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Since is my turn to provide the prize for this months art journey challenge and…..since I am talking about rewards today….I also have a carrot to dangle in front of your nose as a reward;) Here is the prize for this months challenge. You still have till May 8th (that’s just over a week) to get something submitted. I challenge you! You just never know the possibly of the reward that could come of joining the challenge! Plus you will be entered in a draw to win this prize pack.

There are 4 earring sets that can be used as inspiration for the up and coming art challenge (plus one of my new quilt beads from this journey) Here are a few pics showing where I got inspiration from for the earring components for next

If you have not already, I hope you will join us in this journey! I challenge you!