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Light + Fun

A cool, mod playground. 

In this series of Spatial Compositions, Katarzyna Kobro employs minimal design and keen use of color blocks for an exciting art-sperience.  Her pieces have a levity and lightness that invite a second look, and a break to enjoy.

As I explored these pieces I kept swinging between feelings of peaceful reflection, and playfulness.  The cool-hued panels of grays and whites and blues are serene and quiet.  Intersecting peaceably and moving the eye from one plane to another.  Then a pop of red, or a swizzled slide to give the whole piece a jolt of fun.  What talent to bring these two vibes together in each piece, so artfully.

Inspired by Spatial Composition No. 6, I made a pendant using a flat Czech tile by Raven’s Journey and a beer cap pendant by Trinket Foundry.  The S link replicated the swerve of the funhouse slide, but I twisted the top loop to orient the piece correctly. 

For these earrings, I used flat silver tags by Nunn Designs, paired some Genevieve Gail polygon wood beads.  The many facets of the beads have the same compositional interest of Kobro’s pieces and the color is fun dose of drama. 

Light and Fun.

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