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Monday Musings: Creating For Art Journey 9

Ok, with all the extra hustle and bustle around holiday preparations, I’m getting this posted a bit later than I’d like. But, hey, Monday night is still Monday!!

Along those same lines, I didn’t get as much made for this last Art Journey of 2019 as I had hoped. I had some really great art beads to play with and even found a few more possibilities when I was poking around a second time! I’m hoping that over the next couple of days I can carve out a little more creative time to pursue some other design ideas.

My Art Bead Stash :: Top left 3: Humblebeads, Top Right: Round Rabbit, Center: The Classic Bead, Bottom left: Golem Design Studio, Bottom second from left: Sheila Davis, Bottom right 3: Summer Wind Art

Birds and Fruit in Snow

Birds and Fruit in Snow
Kumashiro Yuhi (1693-1772)
Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk

Maybe because I’ve been playing so much with making saltwater etched copper ornaments and jewelry made from the leftovers from that process, when I sat down to actually create for this Journey, that’s what I turned to first. One of patterns I had on had was a branch and berry motif… perfect for the birds and their snow covered fruit. I domed a pair of discs and attached some brass bird charms to the bottoms.

When I realized that I had one of Julie Nordine‘s tiny lampwork glass birds in my stash, I decided right away that I wanted the bird as a charm hanging from one of my larger etched copper discs. I didn’t have one of the branches and berries that was big enough to visually support the birdie so I went for a fun swirled pattern reminiscent of clouds instead. I kept the design pretty simple and low key to let Julie’s bird and the copper shine.

Snow at Zojoji Temple

Snow at Zojoji Temple
Kawase Hasui (1929)
Woodblock print

The only other thing I managed to pull together in time was this snowflake Christmas Ornament. I’ve had this porcelain piece from Round Rabbit in my stash for ages, and I finally decided that it just felt too big for a pendant… at least for my work. I added some glass, crystal, and some snowflake patterned bead caps for a snowy holiday decoration.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all get to have some time to relax, reflect, and enjoy your family and friends.

Sarajo Wentling, Your Monday Muse