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In The Chaos: Aubrey Beardsley and a little Sgraffito inspiraton

Aubrey Beardsley has a large compilation of black and white artwork. I felt his work was the perfect inspiration needing a little sgraffito action from me. If you are interested in the sgraffito process on clay – here is a great little video to show you how it is done.

Here are some sgraffito earring components I have come up with by painting unfired porcelain (greenware), then using a sharp tool, I carve out some clay to reveal the white porcelain. I have always loved this look and will be playing with it more in the near future.

Carved Sgraffito porcelain components by artsticaos

I could take endless inspiration from Aubrey’s paintings!! Here are all the porcelain components I put into a collage showing exactly where my inspiration came from. It’s kind of like a spot and find game. So many little bits that stood out to me from within the larger artwork! Time is the only inspiration killer for this Journey!

This is our first journey of 2020 at ABS and my first time posting in quite a while. My family and I moved twice within a year, and one was across the Country. I am thrilled to say life has settled and I once again have a studio!!! It’s so nice to be back at ABS as well as back in my studio!