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Nouveau Inspiration

This months challenge is one that is really close to home for me, living just 20minutes from Glasgow means that I am never far away from some of the best art nouveau architecture and inspiring museums.

The most notable would be the Glasgow School of Art, sadly it suffered a devastating fire in 2014, the fire was centred in the Mackintosh building, not only effecting the end of year show for students but also destroying the library. This buil

ding is iconic for anyone interested in the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. 

We are also lucky to have another building locally that displays some of the finest examples of art work and furniture by Char

les Rennie Mackintosh, its open to the public, you can even get married there!  This extraordinary building is called House of an Art Lover and comes highly recommended if you visit the city!

The impact of the artists from the Art Nouveau period is evident wherever you go in Glasgow, from shop signs to architecture, most of the museums show at least one piece of art work from this period.

This month I decided to take inspiration from the soft colours, it ties in with the season for me, I’m looking forward to spring, brighter days and lighter skies. I love the soft washes of colour, they remind me so much of those beautiful wintery mornings, so cold but utterly breath taking.I started with my basic tab shape, keeping things simple, and worked on the soft washes of colour, this is what I made.

I think next time I’m at the torch I need to add some more soft pinks and lilacs in to my mixes.

What have you been inspired to make?

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