Perfect Pairings :: Barbara Hanselman + BH ClaySmith

I am drawn to the simple and ancient symbols in this month’s art inspiration. The earthy tones of the weaving recall red rock vistas of the American southwest. This ceramic pendant from Miss Barbara of BHClayworks embodies that same ancient spirit and rustic palette. From the red brick tone to the complementary beads, to the way this is all woven and tied together, this piece could easily be an archaeological artifact dug up from the sands of time, a personal talisman with mystical powers of protection.  

Featured Designer + Bead Artist:: BH Claysmith
Just a friendly reminder… We have a slightly new format for uploading your pictures for consideration for the Perfect Pairings each Wednesday, as well as the Monthly Challenge Recap post.  
We are now using Pinterest! You can find more details in this post about the exciting new changes, including a board devoted to art beads inspired by the monthly challenge!
(Ooh! Look! More pretty beads to lust after!)
Pretty please make sure that you post a link in your Pinterest description so that I have someplace to attribute the picture to! And don’t forget to tell us about those art beads!
Deadline to get your pictures posted to the Pinterest boards for the creation of the
Monthly Challenge Recap post is August 28th
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  1. uglibeads
    August 13, 2015 at 6:08 pm

    Wow – what a perfect interpretation of this month's inspiration! So striking – I love it. xo — Julie

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