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Art Journey #7 :: Big Cats

There seems to be a lot of cat-lovers in the beading world!

Luna + Hazel + Jet keep Loralee company while she beads!

Our theme for Art Journey #7 will honor those bead-cats with art centered on the big cats: lions, leopards, panthers and tigers.


Una and the Lion, William Bell Scott, 1861
(c) National Galleries of Scotland; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

LAUNCH PAD: lion, tapestry, child/innocence, oak leaves/acorns, grasses, birds, butterflies/moths

When searching art for 2019, our resident cat-lady Loralee Kolton sent me this picture of Una and the Lion. I was immediately smitten with it… the leafy crown of oak leaves and acorns in rusty-hued glory, the charming and quietly confident face of Una, her brightly colored embroidered vest, the berries and leaves in one hand with the other resting casually in the mane of the wild-but-seemingly-tamed lion, the birds and butterflies flocking to this innocent. I wanted to know more.

This painting is inspired by an epic allegorical poem by Edmund Spenser entitled The Faerie Queene, specifically a tale by the same name as the painting. The fair princess Una was confronted by a lion who wished to eat her, but who was so struck by her beauty and innocence that he chose instead to walk with her as a faithful companion and protector, vanquishing evil that sought to harm her. The character of Una in this tale symbolizes Truth as she goes on her quest.


Zenobia, Queen of Palmyria, Warwick Goble, 1913

LAUNCH PAD: leopard, flowers, fabric patterns, bow/arrow, crescent moon, headdress

Another illustration based on an epic tale, Zenobia, Queen of Palmyria is based on one of seventeen stories in The Monk’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer. Warwick Goble (1862-1943) was famous for his illustrations of fairy tale books and this one is from The Complete Poetic Works of Geoffrey Chaucer. These 17 short stories center on the theme of the tragic endings of historical figures.

Zenobia was a warrior queen of Palmyra, one of the grandest cities in the 1st century AD. After her husband died in battle, Zenobia ruled his empire from her Persian palace, eventually conquering lands in Egypt, Syria and beyond. In an era shaped by the male emperors of Rome, she created a Southern kingdom stretching from Syria all the way to Greece – entirely independent of Rome. She was legendarily terrifying in battle – Chaucer writes of how she tamed leopards, bears and other wild beasts to marching alongside her soldiers.

From A Woman to Know Tumblr blog

Zenobia was one FIERCE woman!


Whoever You Are, Here is Your Master (Love, The Conqueror), Jean-Leon Gerome,

LAUNCH PAD: tiger, lion, panther, leopard, ball, cage, cherub/angel, wings, flame, light

I stumbled upon the work of French artist Jean-Leon Gerome (1824-1904). He painted in a hyper-realistic Neoclassical style, largely of exotic Eastern or Orientalist subjects. This painting obviously caught my attention because of the big cats lolling about, with the tiger in the center.

I am struck by the fact that all these wild beasts are seeming to get along together, without a fuss, actually looking as if having a good time, like all cats would, taking a nap, playing with a ball, rolling around on the floor. The “Master” of the picture appears to be a cherubic figure like Cupid or Eros with the bow and arrow. There is a tiny flame above his head and the big cats seem rather enamored of him with his feathery white wings. Perhaps he tamed them with his arrow, or mesmerized them with his angelic form.

Where will this Art Journey take you?

What is the Art Journey Challenge?

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Our prize for Art Journey #7 will be given away from a random draw of all entries on October 20th with our prize package donated by Sarajo Wentling that will be perfect for use with the Art Journey #8! We hope this will encourage you to play along!

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Monthly Challenge Winners

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***A bead that is handmade is not necessarily an art bead. Hill Tribe Silver, Kazuri ceramic beads or lampwork beads made in factories are examples of handmade beads that are not considered art beads. Beaded beads, stamped metal pendants or wire-wrapped components are not considered art beads for our challenge.***

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