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Ten Dollar Tuesday


$10 Tuesday – Garden Lantern Pendant

I may have cheated a little for this week’s $10 Tuesday challenge. The focal bead for this week’s project is one I went crazy and made a big bowl full of them one weekend. So they are on sale and because of that they fit the requirement for today’s $10 Tuesday. Sometimes a bead artist will have an overstock of a bead or if you belong to their mailing list they have occasional customer appreciation sales, so make sure to sign up for your favorite bead artists’ mailing lists!

Twilight Lily Focal Bead (
Gunmetal tassel
1 gunmetal 2″ eye pin
2 copper 5mm flat spacers
18″ gunmetal chain
(Finding from Rings & Things)

1. String a flat spacer, focal bead, and a flat spacer unto the eye pin. Trim wire if necessary to a 1/4″, use round nose pliers to form a loop.
2. Attach tassel onto the bottom of the focal bead by opening the loop of the eye pin with flat nose pliers, string on tassel, close loop. String the pendant unto an 18″ chain.