Ten Dollar Tuesday

It’s Ten Dollar Tuesday! Here a quick and easy ornament project, that can be hanging on your tree in no time.

Supplies Needed:
1 Large Ceramic Snowman Bead
3-4 colorful accent beads
1 silver 4 inch headpin
4 inches of 18 gauge silver craft wire

Needle Nose Pliers, Chain Nose Pliers, Wire Cutters

1. Begin by stringing your accent beads onto the headpin. Once you have a nice stack of colorful beads add the ceramic snowman bead.
2. Just above the snowman bead make a simple wire loop. Trim the excess wire.
3. Grab the end of the craft wire it the nose of the needle nose pliers. Gently turn the pliers to create a small spiral shape. Make the small spiral approximately a quarter inch in diameter.
4. Next, take the opposite end of the craft wire in your pliers and make a small loop. After making the loop, continue to turn your pliers to make a spiral shape. Make the spiral just as you did in step 3, but bigger.
5. Thread the loop at the top of the ornament onto the small spiral and you’re ready to hang.

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