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The Earring Whisperer: Inspiration for Art Journey 9 ~Snow Softly Falling~

Evening Snow at Asakusa
Utagawa Hiroshige (1845)
Woodblock print

There were many elements that I loved about this print and I wanted to bring many of them to life in this pair of earrings.

The beautifully textured beads at the top are vintage and have a lovely snowy, pearl-like glow. I wire wrapped silk fabric and added hand-cut vintage tin bead-caps which I flared a bit to give a subtle impression of an umbrella.

Oh, my – how I love these relic-like faces below! They appear to be weathered statues in the snow! The art beads were made by Kathrin Kneidl of DonnaPerlinplim.

I tried many approaches to this design but, what pleased me most was linking various vintage ornate jump-rings together. It just had the right lines, complimented the faces, and truly makes them look like artifacts.

Birds and Fruit in Snow
Kumashiro Yuhi (1693-1772)
Hanging scroll; ink and color on silk

I chose stunning lampwork beads by Dana M. George in the most perfect colors for this design. I again added some golden ornate jump-rings with matching ear-wires and headpins. The top snowy ceramic beads are from Golem Design Studio and they add just the right touch.

Snow at Zojoji Temple
Kawase Hasui (1929)
Woodblock print

A little more abstract this time, I layered and wire wrapped elements like the soft vintage glass pears, lovely polished oblong wood beads and added Asian characters. The striking ceramic focal charms are by Kristy Ann of Artisan Clay.

This was a lovely way to close 2019! I enjoy these challenges so much, they always make me reach just a bit further and never let me get too comfortable which trust me, can be an awful thing.

I hope everyone is excited about beginning a new series of art journeys in 2020! If you haven’t in the past, maybe you’ll give it a go this coming year! It may delightfully surprise you 🙂


Loralee xo

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  1. Ann Schroeder
    December 17, 2019 at 10:56 pm

    These are all really lovely. i enjoy reading the thought process and materials behind each one.

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