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Layers Upon Layers or Assemblage What?

So, the real story is, I am not an assemblage jewelry designer. Especially compared to Joseph Cornell, our Art Journey #5 inspiration, whose work is so sublime. Truly a master of his craft. Luckily, I don’t have to try to emulate him, nor compare myself. Looking at his work makes me happy. A feeling of buoyancy lifts my spirits.

I never look for fun bits and pieces. There are no doll pieces in my studios. Very few toys. That said, I’ve done a few pieces. And while they are, maybe technically, assemblage, I think I might be more of a layer-ist. Is that a word? I do like to put together layers of color, texture and style.

I found these little rubbery hands is a bookstore. How can you not be enchanted with little rubber hands? I created this wire hand on my NTaJ! and attached it to the rubber hand in a handshake. I made the links in the necklace to reference handcuffs because when you meet someone, you never know how things will go.

My next layered piece, with a “child” reference is below. I was gifted with the child’s toy top and given the challenge of making jewelry. This edition was my first go. If it had not turned out well, I was going to cut open the toy and make metal flower petals with it instead.

Simple materials, primary colors and so much fun. I really didn’t know that I had this in me.

Below are some of my layered pieces, using art beads, wire, silk, feathers and leather. And while it might not be true assemblage, it’s my version of it.

This bracelet uses layers of metal leaves, facing opposite.  Strung on leather with Czech beads.  I used one of the leaf’s and made a button with it.

Creating a metal frame and wrapping a center piece, adds a lovely lightness to this pendant.  The flowers are actually vintage British water decals, that I painted to enhance.  Combined with silk and Czech glass beads, created a necklace that is light and rich in color.

What happens when you combine copper wire, artisan beads, silk and feathers?  Delicious color and texture!

Oh but I love butterflies!  This butterfly is from Slate Studios Supply.  Sarah is a master at her craft, with beautiful organic shapes and a wonderful hand with glazes.  I combine this gorgeous butterfly with wire wrapped artisan beads and wire wrapped gemstones.

Joseph Cornell used wonderful touches of bold color and natural elements in his shadow boxes.  Using birds, toys, insects, wire, vintage ephemra, incorporating them into images, making us think.  Making us feel.  That is an amazing gift.

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