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The Earring Whisperer: Inspiration for Art Journey Six, William Morris

Trellis, 1862

The earrings below are definitely statement earrings! They are lightweight yet long, wide, and have lots of movement. The wide looped components I used were originally intended to be bracelet connectors but I thought this would be an interesting approach for earrings as well! I remember when I finished them, I sat back in my chair and said “Wow, all you’d need is a back dress and these – Voila!”

Just about all the component in my first pair are vintage with the exception of the Czech flowers. I normally include art beads but honestly, I couldn’t find anything comparable. The balance was so important that every piece had to be just the perfect proportion.

Again, below, I used mostly vintage but this time the main focus was on the lovely faux tin on copper pieces by Anna Pierson of Sagahaus.

I domed the charms to make the birds “pop” and added holes top and bottom as connectors. I used wonderful vintage brass and copper chain tassels and vintage copper connectors with lots of fun decorative loops. It made it easy to attach extra little charms. I think this pair has great lines. Again, they are lightweight but extra-long and have that subtle wow factor.

Shown below, Anna had also sent me these pretty peach floral charms as a surprise. I decided to make a last-minute pair. I also just happened to have attended a little charity bead auction online and picked up some pretty patina birds… coincidence that they ended up on my work table at the same time! Sometimes it happens that way… lol! I like some sparkle so I added vintage AB faceted Swarovski and vintage bead-caps.

Large, Czech table-cut flowers with enameled leaves by Alison Page Studios.

Tulip & Blue Willow, 1873

How about a little shimmy-shimmy?!!! My originally intended design was completely different! I had connected three tin components as a long dangle but it didn’t excite me much. I took off the bottom and added the tiniest little vintage copper heart fringe. I put them very close together so they have this beautiful shimmer when they move. *Faux tin by Sagahaus.

Lastly, I thought I’d do a pair that was not taken directly from a William Morris pattern.

The ceramic pieces are by Josephine Beads. They have a brilliant gold glaze that really shines in the light. I added 24k gold vermile beads as an accent, AB Swarovski crystals, and some very ornate vintage rings.

It’s always exciting and a little intimidating taking on a new challenge and making yourself dig a little deeper.

I found some new uses for components this time around and reminded myself to start over if the design was just not what I had envisioned, no matter how frustrated you might feel at the time.

Thank you so much for joining me today and checking out my worktable!

Loralee Kolton

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