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On the 4th Day of Christmas – Helping Hand Pendant

When I first began working on this post, I was far away from how this has turned out. Often that is how creativity and creation come to me.  It is a matter of relaxing the brain and letting associations flow.  I started with this leaf pendant I had recently made.  I liked the way the glaze had streaked along the spruce needles texture.  It seemed poetic to me.  I tried out several  ideas but they did not work out.  Then I spotted the little hand charm in my findings box.  I was suddently remembering  how good it felt earlier in the day to slip a donation into Red Kettle  on my way into the grocery store.  The hand charm became a helping hand and I was on my way.   I like the idea that this pendant can be about the giving and caring part of the season.

To make a similar one  your will need:

1 art bead spruce texture leaf pendant by Mary Harding or similar long art bead pendant

1 Vintaj  20.5 mm smooth jump ring (www.bellomodo.com)

3 6 mm red colored jump rings (www.Etsy.com)

1 copper double sided hand charm (www.fusion beads.com)

30 inches of antiqued brass ball charm  (www.michaels.com)

To assemble begin with putting the two red jump rings thru the stringing hole in the leaf pendant.  Then attach the other red jump ring thru the helping hand charm.  Since the charm is two sided it will always end right side up but I did attach it so it would be in front of the large jump ring.  Now string the ball chain thru the red jump ring and  secure it with the ball chain closure finding.

Enjoy the season!!

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