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It’s All The Buzz

In January, I had the most magical and amazing thing happen to me.  I was on the way out to my studio and I looked down and found a bee.  A big fat, weird colored bee.  It was on my step, right outside the door.  I didn’t think much of it.  Until it was there for over an hour. So odd!  I asked the land of Facebook and it was suggested that I contact a local beekeeper.  IMG_6431

I attempted to find the local chapter of Beekeepers for my county.  No answer.  So I put a notice in our “Next Door” app.  Lo and behold, it was a queen bee, awaken way too early, knocking at my door.  Bee rescue ensued!  Turns out there was a beekeeper just a couple of blocks from my house.  She picked up my sweet lost bee and fed her and put her to bed for a few more months.  Hopefully she will survive and be responsible for the birth of many more bees.

Needless to say, after that happened, this Art Journey was special to me.  I went on the hunt for the perfect bee bead.  However, itt started out as a “OMG, how can I have thousands of beads and no bees?” moment and evolved into an accomplishment for me and also a reintroduction to my own art beads but first the bead. IMG_0667

I finally found my sweet little bee from Gaea Cannady.  I do so love her beads.  Although, as you can see… I found more than just a bee.  I decided to use another Gaea bead, one of her bird with a flower.  This combination of bee and bird is quite a large set.  I decided to keep the rest of the necklace as light as possible, to balance it out.  I pulled some hemp and cotton cording, a few more delicious art bead and started knotting.  Just a few beads… three colors of cord and a handmade clasp.  I drew a ball on the copper clasp and soldered the jumpring closed for durability.


As you can see, there is even a surprise on the back of the bird. And now for my personal accomplishment. Before I went bead hunting, I had just assumed that I did not have any bee beads, but I do have a Now That’s a Jig! and I have Hex shapes… as in honeycomb????

Yay me!  I was pretty excited.  I set down with square 20g sterling wire and got shaping.  I had three different size hex shapes and used them all.  I got into my “solderable” bits and pieces and even found tiny little bees (didn’t know I had those either).  Thank god I looked.  So, I made my honeycombs, soldered each one individually. IMG_0658

When soldering 20g wire, remember that just a little bit of solder will do the job and you must have a complete flush join, otherwise you will not be successful in your soldering adventures.

Now, I do not consider myself an advanced metalsmith.  Just the opposite, in fact.  I describe myself as being so new, I squeak.  I successfully soldered all nine of my honeycombs.  And THEN I soldered all of the honeycombs together, a couple at a time and then those bits all together and sweat soldered the bee’s on.  I did it!  I did it!  I cannot tell you how exciting it was that it all worked.  And it only took me about 2 hours.  Wow, that felt so good.


I have not decided what to do with my honeycomb and bees.  There are so many possibilities available.  I could make a cuff bracelet, make a necklace, add beads or even gold leaf… I really like the thought of gold leaf.

So happy I could share this with you!  I hope you have an amazing day, filled with health, happiness and creativity!

Thank you,

Susan LeGuyader

Queene Bead Design