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12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

On the 12th Day of Christmas :: Holly Berry Snowflake Necklace & Earrings

I am known around my church as the “Christmas Angel,” so dubbed one year because I am always the cantor for Christmas morning mass. I figure that I have been doing it now for about 24 years! I have a bright red sweater I plan to wear but realized on December 24th that I didn’t have a necklace to wear. What is a jewelry artist to do? Why, make one quick, of course!

So in between making the fruit salad and the baked beans and cutting up the sausage and the vegetables, I ran down to the studio to whip one up.

Lucky for me I happened to have this beautiful ceramic snowflake painted with delicate green leaves and red holly berries from Linda Landig. I had actually planned to use it as an ornament, but decided that it would look really great on my red Christmas sweater.

It was pretty easy to find beads to go with this… blingy ball beads that have a vintage vibe to them, silver filigree ovals, red coral that has the variegated look of cranberries strung on the tree. (What you don’t see here are some aqua green Czech glass that I grabbed because I needed to have that color here.)

I strung them on a very color-block way and ended with a little coin chain that I found. I decided to make it long enough to just slip over my head, which means that I can save that pretty box clasp for another project.

For the earrings, I found some silver snowflake charms. I could have found the match, but I like that they are not the same, since each snowflake is unique in all the world. And when snowflakes team up, they are even more beautiful, even more impressive and even more powerful.

All set for the party on Christmas Day! May your day be bright and full of joy as you spend time with the people that are the most important to you. Merry Christmas!